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 As part of a new and improved me, I've restarted Twitter. Why? My ramblings nowadays are better suited for Twitter anyway. Plus, I'm working on making my upcoming new blog pretty.


I don't know who to follow, so suggestions will be welcome. I don't want to hook up with particularly busy channels though as I won't be able to catch up with them.


I'm getting a new PC

Update on my PC problems: repairing it will cost more than a new PC, if the latest quote from the workshop is to be believed, so I've finally decided to get a new one. (Yeah, yeah, you've told me so.)

I'm still struggling on this stupid iMac thingie. I will make an online order when my son is free to help me pick out the best Dell package for me (I need to play games too, you know - nothing but the best graphic cards for me), which will probably be this weekend. 

So I will only be updating the rest of the site that isn't about book or ebook reviews after that (all my POD book/gamebook files and movie/music notes are in my hard drive that was currently stuck in the PC). But now there is light at the end of the tunnel, so things are looking up!



Nothing says contradiction...

... like a blog entry complaining about piracy and copyright infringement while the rest of the blog is filled with stills from movies, photos of hot guys, and other stuff that I highly doubt the author of the blog has permission to use.

And LOL at blogs that blast people for stealing their content/using their content without accreditation when these blogs are DIRECT LINKING images and therefore stealing bandwidth from the websites where these images are hosted.

PS: I fully admit that I have no permission to use those stuff from YouTube and the images of hot guys, etc on my blog and website. But you don't see me scolding you for using my stuff without my permission, do you? Heh.

Press play... if you dare.

 You have been warned.


Incidentally, the video becomes even more hilarious if you understand Bahasa Indonesia!

Fair warning

I may be moving to a new blog soon. I'm tired of the limitations of Livejournal and how I must pay if I want to make even a little bit of customization to the template. Plus, the blog manager loads so slowly on my end. 

I'm thinking Blog.com. I'm tinkering with things there at the moment. They have a nice thing going there.


Dear authors: one day only has 24 hours

So please think carefully before the next time you create a hero who is not only an accomplished rake and gambler who spends his nights in dens of debauchery but also a popular social person who attends ballrooms to the Oohs and Aahs of society dames whom he conducts affairs with, an active social reformer who also spends the nights prowling to protect the kids and the streetwalkers, a high-ranking Intelligence officer currently searching for a French spy, AND taking the time to escort the heroine as her pretend boyfriend. 


How is that even possible? Doesn't this guy need to sleep? And how does he fit all that activity in one day? I'm not even going to touch on how he could also slot in a few months of playing soldier abroad, prior to meeting the heroine, with such a heavy schedule that he already leads. 

And strangely enough, I'm told that he's all this, but in the story itself, all he does is to lead the heroine around in some bizarre wild goose chase to save her from getting killed in her quest for martyrdom. 

I don't know why nobody points out to you that you have created a grotesque kitchen sink of a hero laden with all the popular stereotypes associated with romance heroes in such a manner that it's RIDICULOUS or why you don't realize it yourself, but really now, take the time to familiarize yourself with the number of hours in one day. 24 hours, that's right. It's really not much time, so use common sense before trying so hard to turn your hero into some caricature of an everyman.

PS: While we're at it, stop with this "hero gambles every night, but he is not an addict and really, he wins all the time without cheating so he actually made his fortunes at the table" nonsense. Unless the hero is cheating, this is not possible. STOP LYING. THERE IS NO HAPPY ENDING. He is a gambling addict who will bankrupt the whole family in two months and the romance heroine will try to sell herself to feed the children for two days before killing herself out of shame. 

Urban Fantasy: Why So Many Immortals?

I was looking at the synopsis of some urban fantasy novels in my recent trip to the bookstore. I don't know why I still do that, since nowadays so many of them have pretty much the same thing said over and over, heh, but I am struck by how many immortals there are in this story. I was looking at Kevin Hearne's book, for example, because I was struck by the purty guy on the cover, only to realize that the hero is yet another long-lived fellow (I treat every guy who has lived for over a few hundred years to be the same as an immortal.)

The thing is, some of these immortals don't have to be immortals. Jennifer Ashley's Pride series, for example, make it a point to let me know again and again that her shifters live much longer than humans. But why? This aspect doesn't enhance the woo-woo mojo of the shifters. It feels like just another one of the dishes in the UF kitchen six ("need to have sex every ten minutes" - check, "lives for 300 years and more" - check, "runs a night club full of vampires" - check...). It is one thing if we are talking about godly heroes or heroines, then yes, maybe they are immortals. Or we have dragons or something that live for a long, long time. But when even werewolves are becoming immortals just because, I can only scratch my head.

I mean, what's the allure of immortality anymore? It's not enough for the heroine to become a sparkling vampire that turns into a white wolf when the moon is full while dancing naked with unicorns by the last page, she also has to become immortal? Immortality is boring. Anne Rice had it right when she portrayed the ancient vampires in her books as so bored with life that they eventually withdrew to take long hibernations - there is just no point of existing when you've done everything and anything and all you have in the end is time. 

At any rate, right now I'm more interested in UF with human - or at least, characters with human frailties - rather than UF featuring heroes with the biggest penises, the largest swords, the highest alpha rank, and the hugest ego. There is no suspense in stories where the hero (let's face it, it's always the heroes who are guilty of this) can do everything and anything and still have time to spend 23 hours a day in bed with the heroine. Kinda like the hero in the movie Priest, I guess - talented, capable, but ooh, definitely can be defeated in a battle with the bad guys and has plenty of sad undercurrents. 
Two words: completely pointless.

This is a decent action-packed movie, but completely pointless other than fanservice for those creepy overaged women who would watch everything with Johnny Depp in it and savage anyone who doesn't acknowledge that Johnny Depp is the center of the universe. I guess when he's not waiting for Tim Burton to offer him a movie role, our fellow takes up over the top roles where he gets to play like a caricature of the same role again and again. 

This movie does have a nice thing going for it: nobody here has any altruistic morals. Even when their intentions are good, they would do bad things to make them happen. This also includes Penélope Cruz's character - one of the most bizarre "I love my evil daddy so I'd abet him even if I pay lip service about not wanting to hurt the innocents" characters I've come across. Even that priest fellow has no problems throwing aside his vows to shag a mermaid he's fallen in love with - a mermaid that drag and drown men, by the way.

But yucks. Jack Sparrow is such a Marty Stu here, it's ridiculous. He can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get out of trouble. Basically, therefore, this is a two hour plus movie of 80% Johnny Depp reprising the mincing fop character he's played so lazily in the last few movies now, 10%  Geoffrey Rush chewing scenery and billowing, 5% Ian McShane doing the same, and 5% our charming Ms Cruz pouting and pretending that she's actually the love interest for Flaming Jack Sparrow. 

My suggestion: watch this on DVD, preferably one that you rent rather than buy. 


 Why do some online regulars have at least two online monickers? Sometimes they sign off using their various monickers on the same site, making me wonder whether I'm supposed to keep track of their online monickers like some "Guess who am I?" game. Often, I don't even know XXX is actually YYY unless they one day sign off as XXX/YYY. 

Is this some kind of new fashion? I think I will also call myself Queen Mulvera IV.


Quickie Movie Review: Priest

Okay, the plot is paper thin and it's a movie that has more style than substance. Having said that, I had a blast. 

It has Paul Bettany, who plays beaten down and bruised heroes with hidden torment like nobody's business. He may not be conventionally handsome, but he is such a manly man, swoon.

It has Karl Urban as the bad guy. Eye candy!

It has Cam Gigandet playing the sidekick. Eye candy!

Maggie Q is pretty sweet in her emotional scenes with Paul Bettany. Plus, she gets to kick ass too!

This movie is scenery porn - the visuals are gorgeous. 

And then we have such cool priests! From the crucifix tattoo on their faces to the way they make mincemeat - literally - out of their victims, it's love at first sight for me. I also love the emotionless exterior of Paul Bettany's character that contrasts so wonderfully with all the tortured emotions brewing within.

I think this one is going to be one of my favorite guilty pleasures of the year.

PS: This movie has NOTHING to do with the Korean comics it claims to be inspired by. Just so you know.

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