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Ravenous Romance critics - what is the deal here?

I'm not being facetious, I'm genuinely puzzled. Every time I or someone blogs about Ravenous Romance in an even remotely positive manner, the same slew of Anonymous people will show up saying the following. You can make a drinking game out of it.

1. Jamaica Layne is a bitch.
2. Lori Perkins's middle names are Conflict of Interest.
3. Ravenous Romance books are porn and smut and crappy.
4. Unspoken implication: Anonymous's own publisher/company/books are better than Ravenous Romance.

Now, I know some people hold grudges against Lori Perkins and/or Jamaica Layne, but honestly now, how many years have Ravenous Romance opened shop? Don't you think it's time to move on instead of cluttering up every blog entry about Ravenous Romance with the same boring rants and snide comments? If Lori Perkins is guilty of some kind of wrong doing, don't you think someone would have dragged her into court or something by now? If Ravenous Romance's books are so badly edited that they will destroy the face of civilization as we know it, how come we are still here years long after Ravenous Romance has opened their doors?

I haven't read any Ravenous Romance books yet, although I have a few titles queued up in my unfortunately huge backlog of ebooks to read. But from what snippets of their books that they offer, I personally don't see how their titles are better or worse than those of any other publishers out there. I do think that they are a bit more upfront about erotica than most publishers who tend to sugarcoat the sex factor in their titles at times, and that's not a bad thing, as this means that their customers will know what they are getting. And they are trying to branch out and expand their markets - something that I feel they should be commended for as this can only means good things for them and their authors if they succeed. So far, I haven't heard stories of non-payments or anything to warrant the bizarre dogging by the same old bunch of Anonymous folks in every blog entry about Ravenous Romance.

But any Anonymous folks out there who feel differently, who have been bilked of money by Ravenous Romance, or something, feel free to share why you feel compelled to dog this publisher everywhere.

EDITED TO ADD: If you are going to comment about what an evil woman Jamaica and/or Lori is, please don't. The topic is why you feel the need to derail every discussion about RR with your railing about its sins. I didn't ask you to rail about the same things I have read many times before in the comments. If you feel strongly that RR is wrong, call the cops to arrest Lori Perkins then. If you feel that RR is "misleading readers into buying porn" (!), go cry to some obscenity watchdog body.
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