Mrs Giggles (mrsgiggles00) wrote,
Mrs Giggles

Why are there so many romance novel covers with near-naked women nowadays?

Am I missing something?

For example, Courtney Milan's new one has a woman on a bed about to go on a solo flight to Mars, if you know what I mean. Sara Lindsey's new one has a woman wearing only... diapers?... her naked back facing the reader. I still remember that duo-logy with Susan Johnson and Jasmine Haynes where we have two women in string bikini tops, their ta-tas about to pop out and say hello.

I thought the majority of romance readers are straight women, no? So why aren't we getting more books with near naked guys about to grope themselves, guys with undone zippers, guys falling out of their jeans? Just whom are these naughty covers with women in various states of undress targeted at?

Or is this another case of how it's art if there is a naked woman but it's porn if there is a naked man instead? Are romance readers really more comfortable with a half-naked woman on the cover, as opposed to a half-naked man on the cover? 

Tags: romance book business

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