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Why are people keep saying that

Harlequin will lose most of its authors because it had been delisted from RWA, MWA, JWA, KWA, ZWA, AMA (oh wait, that's Adam Lambert), BWA, etc? Seriously now. I suspect most of those people saying that have no clue about Harlequin or the romance genre because Harlequin is the biggest romance publisher around. Its distribution via bookstores and book clubs is solid. It's the only playground for category romance authors to play in, and those category romance authors who do make it big earn very comfortable royalty checks.

So... do these people actually expect those authors to walk away from Harlequin? And stop submitting to Harlequin? Or agents to blacklist Harlequin because the WA-conglomerate has delisted Harlequin? It's all about the bottom line at the end of the day, so as long as Harlequin can sell the books, it will still stay in business and people will still want to write for or work with this publisher.

And let's not forget, the 2010 RWA-organized RITA parties are going to be so short, people will have to leave for the strip clubs or cuddle up with a thick book in their hotel rooms by 9:00 pm. I'm sure RWA won't try to bend the rules to play with Harlequin again, so maybe they will just replace the then-deserted category romance focused categories with Nora Roberts categories - "Best Nora Roberts contemporary romance", "Best Nora Roberts futuristic romance", "Favorite Nora Roberts book published before 1990", "Favorite Nora Roberts book title"...

At this point, I'm hoping that Harlequin will come out with its own statement - "Yeah, yeah, delist us, whatever, LIKE WE CARE!" - so I can watch the lulz that results and laugh.

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