Mrs Giggles (mrsgiggles00) wrote,
Mrs Giggles

I hate reading sad blogs

Try not to click on the link to go there directly because I don't think she'd appreciate the pity. Paste the URL on a new tab instead. I tried removing the link but stupid Livejournal automatically converts it into a working link every time, ugh.

But I do feel sorry for Darla - she's out of a job since she parted ways with Laurell K Hamilton and now she's blogging about burning her college degree. I know it's easy to make fun of her due to her fruitloop posts and wacky online antics, but she's also struggling like most people to make ends meet in these trying times.

Oh, and she's going to self-publish an Anita Blake encyclopedia on Lulu for some extra money. I wonder how well that will go down with her former overlord and master.
Tags: blog circus
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