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Need help re: GLBT review sites

You may have read my review of Malaysia's first ever GLBT anthology, Body 2 Body.

At any rate, I've been reading on the publisher blog that no local (Malaysian) print media is willing to review or even mention that book in fear of repercussions from our Godly Heterosexual Government. Since the book is available on Amazon, and therefore folks abroad can purchase a copy of Body 2 Body, I had this idea that perhaps getting the book reviewed on some online GLBT review sites can help spread the word about this anthology. It's not that I am friends with the publisher - I'm not - it's the principle of the whole thing; I'm quite annoyed that this anthology is not getting any support from the local people! I mean, come on! 

I wrote to the publisher asking whether it's okay if I pass the free copy I received from him to some GLBT review site, but the publisher decided that he would bear the cost and I should just send him the details on where to send review copies.

Okay, so now I need to know where the big GLBT review sites are. I hate to be crass, but given that the publisher is an independent one with limited funds, and considering the delivery fees to US or UK, I need to know the biggest ones as opposed to small blogs that not many people visit, so that the book can get some good exposure even if the review is negative. I'm not familiar with GLBT review sites, which is why I'm posting this, heh.

So, anyone knows any popular GLBT review sites that accept submissions? This book is not romance, it has some Malaysian-flavored elements but I think folks abroad can appreciate them all the same. Let me know and I'll drop the owners an email if I need any information from them.

PS: Let's not turn this into a competition to see which GLBT review sites are the best out there. In fact, just email me with your suggestions at mrsgiggles at if you are uncomfortable with commenting publicly on this blog.

Tags: gay romance, glbt stuff, reviewing business
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