June 4th, 2011

Quickie Movie Review: X-Men - First Class

Something is wrong with Marvel. They have lost all ability to create compelling heroes, it seems, because this is the second consecutive movie from them where the villain comes off as more sympathetic, compelling, and frighteningly sexy. Michael Fassbender, as Magneto, is sex on two legs here. Watching him is like.... I don't know, having an orgasm from eating the most delicious chocolate in the world. There is something frighteningly sexy about how evil and yet how human he is.

You know, I have my doubts about the annoying James MacAvoy as Charles Xavier. He's a decent actor, but he is also an irritating one. And lo and behold, he is just right for the role as Charles Xavier in this movie is lawful stupid, smug, patronizing, condescending, and supremely unlikable. Mystique is right in that Charles never have to hide his mutation so he fits in with the humans - he never has to experience what it truly means to be an outsider. After all, we are talking about an overprivileged brat who hits on his undergraduate students. How on earth can he compare to Magneto, who is broken inside, having experienced every injustice that can be inflicted on him, and determined to avenge himself on the people who tormented him?

And the movie agrees, because I tell you, the crowning moment of awesome in this movie belongs to Magneto. You will know what I mean if you watch the movie. 

Oh yes, the movie. The plot is surprisingly understated but gorgeously poignant and nuanced - it's exciting, and it manages to make the whole Mutants Are Outsiders thing touching rather than preachy despite Charles's cheesy lines. It's pretty clear that the movie wants me to sympathize with Magneto and to a lesser extent Raven or Mystique - these two are the most well drawn characters in this one. Charles Xavier is just a homoerotic catalyst for Magneto's coming of age as the sexiest and most rugged reinvention of a schlocky tin man in purple panties ever since they cast Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, transforming a smelly hirsute midget with attitude problem into a manly hunk of the century.

The rest of the cast are scenery chewers. Watch this for Magneto.