March 6th, 2010


What makes a straight white female MM romance author qualified to judge of whether other straight white female MM romance authors are talentless, amoral, and disgusting people who appropriate gay men's sexuality for their smutty romances?

Does it even matter what the author's motives are in writing MM romances, as long as the end result is something her readers enjoy?

Ellora's Cave - what on earth?

Hmm, reading about Ellora's Cave's recent courtroom blues, I realize that I have not bought anything from there in a long time. It looks like I'm not the only only one who feels this way if those anecdotal claims that sales are down all across the board are true. At any rate, curiosity compels me to visit Ellora's Cave to see whether anything interesting is available there on sale.

Instead, I find that they have this strange new pricing thing going on. For example, on this page, the list price for an ebook is $11.90. Yes, $11.90 for an ebook. But they are offering me at a special cover price of only $5.95. Gee, don't I feel privileged?

Oh, who are they kidding? It's $5.95 all along, right? Why pretend to make me feel special by artificially bloating the "list price" to double that of the cost they intended to charge all along?

Am I missing something here?

A great link

During my forced absence from blogging, it looked like some author named Rob Thurman got too excited about her upcoming book and momentarily confused herself with Adam Lambert, urging her fans to buy the book on the release date, telling Canadians that they have to buy TWO COPIES to qualify for some exclusive goodies, and such. I personally find the whole thing pretty amusing, but some people are not amused. But maybe we'll talk about authors who can't outgrow their fanfiction roots another day.

This brings me to some timely links: Stacia Kane as usual gets on her groove and comes up with some really interesting blog entries about the relationship between authors and readers. Go read this one and this one as well