Mrs Giggles (mrsgiggles00) wrote,
Mrs Giggles

Even Jane can't topple the DRM movement

It looks like Berkley is willing to work with Jane (and vice versa, although she didn't say she'd accept the invitation to acquire for a second "Romance, Dear Author style" anthology), but the DRM and Agency Pricing are all here to stay.

Don't know if that makes Dear Author's stance on DRM and Agency Pricing rather hypocritical in light of this, or maybe Jane is just trying to weaken the Mean People from inside, heh. At any rate, it will be interesting to see whether Dear Author will be as great as getting books to sell as they are at selling themselves as industry experts on everything digital marketing.

Also, is it just me or is it rather funny that some people are complaining about conflict of interest (on agents' parts) when there is not a peep about the ethical grey area of bloggers working as digital/online promoters or publishing house acquisition folks or even speakers in forums and seminars conducted for and by publishing industry people on online promotion and digital marketing, while balancing the duty of being an impartial industry observer? 

PS: How long do you think before some Anonymous accuses me of being JUST JELLUS?

Tags: blog circus, romance novel business

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