Mrs Giggles (mrsgiggles00) wrote,
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I think I know why I'm bored with things at the moment

I went to the bookstore today, squinted at the shiny new titles, browsed through books by authors new to me... and went home with only 4 new books. Usually I'd take at least 10. The plots didn't intrigue me, the covers elicited a ho-hum reaction in me, and, seriously, those UF covers were really starting to come together in a blur. It's either Naked Male Chest or Chick in Leather Looking Badass, no inbetween.

I decided to look for new titles to buy using online hype when I got home. I hit up the Web and... sigh. Is it just me or have all the major romance blogs are now collaborating to hype up the same 5 authors over and over again? I mean, come on. I've read those 5 authors already. I want to see the spotlight on someone new. Someone who isn't published with Harlequin, please. Seriously, have Harlequin bought over the blogs when I wasn't watching? It used to be that we laugh at the titles of their Presents books. Now, it seems like everyone is reading Harlequin category romances like they are serious business. 

Maybe my problem here is that I generally do not pay much attention to corporate-sounding hype, and most of the promos on places like Dear Author and Smart Bitches are either promos of My Best Five Friends kind or Look, Guys, A Big Publisher Is Giving Away Books To Everyone, So Enter Now type. I'm not saying that these places are in bed with publishers and are making up lies to sell you books, mind you. These promos are either too much of Buy My BFFs' books or Corporate Promo to me. I'm a bit skeptical of the corporate type promos and I soon wish I am hearing more about other people than the BFFs after a while because I like variety.

Now, I agree that blogs can do whatever they want, but sometimes, I do wonder because it's like the same 5 people or the same 5 titles get featured on every major blog out there in a certain period of time. Is it because of the freebies from Netgalley and such? But come on, I'm sure we all read something that we buy on our own, something outside the Big Book of the Month selections, surely? Maybe we need more of those.

My current apathy about romance, I realize, has a lot to do with my current apathy with the online scene.  Which goes to show - to me - that I do let online happenings affect my view of the genre more than I initially suspected. Picking out interesting books on my own can be fun, but sometimes, like today, I could feel tired about the long drive and the traffic and I wished that someone had helped lazy old me out by telling me about a book that they enjoyed, one that didn't come from the Big Book of the Month selection. With new grandkid and the holiday season looming - is it just a few days away?! - I have no time to book hunt at leisure. So, apart from automatic buys, I have no idea where to look for authors new to me. 

Sigh. Come on, people. Tell me about a good book you have read recently that wasn't already mentioned ten times in the last two months!

Edited to add: thanks so much for the suggestions! I've read some of them before and I agreed on how good some of these are. I will definitely take a closer look at the suggestions. 
Tags: blog circus, need recommendations, romance book business

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