Mrs Giggles (mrsgiggles00) wrote,
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Dara Joy

How odd. So Starry Eyed pointed out to me that Dorchester rereleased Dara Joy's Matrix of Destiny books (Knight of a Trillion Stars, Rejar, and Mine To Take) recently at $4.99 each in both paperback and ebook formats. And yet, Dara Joy is also selling the same titles as ebooks independently of Dorchester on her own website. Do you think another lawsuit is going to brew?

More importantly, does the rerelease of those books mean that a new Matrix of Destiny book is in the works? There is no news on the author's website, but I wonder whether Traed is finally getting his story, and whether it will meet readers' expectations. I tried rereading those books recently, and I don't think they have aged well - the current generation of readers may find them too cheesy for words.
Tags: dara joy tries again, romance book business

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