Mrs Giggles (mrsgiggles00) wrote,
Mrs Giggles

Interesting article about an author's need for an alias

There are always self-righteous people, even authors, online who will go, "Pseudonyms for cowards! Always use your real name if you have nothing to hide!" But as the article illustrates, sometimes it's better to err on the safe side, especially if you are working on material that can offend people (gay romances, erotica, satires, dark comedies, et cetera). Sometimes, people can get offended over the most inoffensive elements, and if these people happen to be your employer, yikes.

PS: Is it just me or are there too many HR departments out there which are run by and staffed with idiots who have nothing better to do than to cause problems for employees?

Tags: ramblings, romance book business
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