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Here is where all the drama is happening in Blog Land

M/M Land! As expected, the mainstream-ing of MM romance is not making some gays and lesbians happy. The above is just one example of the drama taking place between both sides.

I have no dog in this whole thing. I can see where both sides are coming from. I freely admit to having fetish for hot man-on-man love but at the same time, I don't hold the view that enjoying such fetish in private hurts gay people. After all, I know that M/M is not representative of real life LGBT relationships.

But I have to LOL at some of the truly ridiculous line of defense from straight female readers. From the above link, a statement by "Jackie":

I also don’t understand your equating the fetishizing of gay relationship with making them “other”. I tend to think that exposing straights to positive portrayals of gay relationships – even those that are inaccurate – make gays less other.

Oh my goodness. Exchange "gay" with, say, "African Americans" if you can't see the awful insensitivity of the above statement. It's NOT okay to misrepresent anyone, gay or straight, if you want to make a socio-political statement about that person.

It gets better. She tells the writer, a lesbian:

Finally, I understand your frustration with the quality and accuracy of m/m fiction, but I really don’t get why its very existence is offensive to you.

Dear Jackie, please be quiet. Are you 16? You are not helping your side, dear. You are making all M/M authors and readers look like ignorant pigs.

And she genuinely believes that by reading MM she is helping the world become a better place:

Again, even with its flaws, I would think the popularity and growth of this genre is a good thing for GLBT visibility and therefore the fight for equal rights.

See what happens when all those MM authors and readers continue to delude themselves into thinking that they can use their books alone to justify themselves as as Enlightened Crusaders for LGBT rights? 

To fight for equal rights, you put yourself out there. You gather signatures for petitions to be sent to the appropriate Senators or even the President. You write, print, or help spread informative pamphlets. You volunteer at helplines. You work for free at Shelters, Homes, and such. You write or deliver a speech that you believe in in a public place, even if it means the audience will pelt you with stones. You refuse to sit at the back of the bus. You go to prison for your beliefs and never waver in your conviction. You die for the cause.

You do not get to call yourselves activists just by writing or reading MM stories, just as romance authors cannot claim to be feminists, relationship experts, or anything they fancy just by waving their author/reader credentials. 

So MM people, just stop with this line of defense. It's not fooling anyone who is outside the circle, it is making yourselves (and me, since I read MM) look like horrifically bigoted and even homophobic arrogant twats, and... please just stop.

Just stop responding to these things! You have all been trolled by Victoria Brownworth. I didn't feel guilty previously for reading MM and dirty yaoi comics from Japan (where rape is a staple feature) but you all - yes, you, not Ms Brownworth - are making me start to feel that way now. Remember how that charming blogger India once said that authors should hush and just write books? I'm adopting that one here: stop embarrassing all of us and focus instead on writing those stories, thanks. 

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